pyte Changelog

Here you can see the full list of changes between each pyte release.

Version 0.8.0

Released on April 6th, 2018.

This release is NOT backward compatible with 0.7.X branch!

  • Modified the logic around tracking position in the HistoryScreen, allowing the full history to be accessed. See PR #96 on GitHub.
  • Send C0 encoded CSI instead of C1, avoiding compatibility issues with unicode. See issue #99 on GitHub.
  • Changed Stream to really ignore SI in UTF-8 mode. See PR #106 on GitHub. Thanks to @jwodder!
  • Fixed DECSCNM handling bug. The attributes of Screen.default_char were not reversed leaving all blank characters as-is. See PR #102 on GitHub. Thanks to @zblz!
  • Correctly terminate OSC mode in Stream on receipt of a C0 encoded ST character.
  • Allowed resetting cursor attributes in the middle of the SGR sequence. See PR#109 on GiHub. Thanks @andreivasiliu!
  • On exit from DECCOLM mode, restore the terminal width from before entering DECCOLM mode.
  • Changed Screen.select_graphic_rendition to ignore malformed 256/24bit colours. See issue #115 on GitHub.

Version 0.7.0

Released on October 7th 2017.

This release is NOT backward compatible with 0.6.X branch!

  • Removed deprecated only parameter of Stream.attach.
  • Removed deprecated encoding parameter of ByteStream.
  • Fixed how == 3 handling in DiffScreen.erase_in_display.
  • Deprecated DiffScreen. Its functionality has been backported to the base Screen class.
  • Fixed a bug in DiffScreen.draw which incorrectly handled the case when the input of draw required several lines.
  • Fixed a bug in Screen which did not ignore ESC ( argument in UTF8 mode. See issue #88 on GitHub.
  • Changed Screen.resize to do nothing if the requested size matches the current one.
  • Disallowed private mode for Screen.report_device_attributes. This was causing an infinite loop in Emacs and Vim. See issue #81 on GitHub.
  • Fixed a bug in OSC parsing, which caused Stream to hang upon receiving a palette reset request ESC ] R.
  • Changed Screen.reset not to reset DECOM. See discussion in issue #95 on Github.
  • Changed the first tabstop to be at the 9-th column. See PR #98 on GitHub. Thanks to @gordon-quad!

Version 0.6.0

Released on May 28th 2017

This release is NOT backward compatible with 0.5.X branch!

  • Optimized Stream.feed for plain-text input. The code was backported from pymux project by Jonathan Slenders.
  • Optimized Screen by changing Screen.buffer to dict-of-dicts. The idea was borrowed from pymux project by Jonathan Slenders. The implementation was done by @istarion.
  • Further optimized Stream._parser_fsm by forcing static binding between Stream events and Screen methods. The code was backported from pmux project by Jonathan Slenders.
  • Restricted Stream to a single listener and deprecated attach and detach. The old logic can be emulated by a fanout proxy, forwarding events to a list of its listeners.
  • Replaced DebugStream with DebugScreen to workaround the single listener limitation (previsouly DebugStream implicitly added a listener when instantiated). Unlike other screens DebugScreen does not maintain any state.
  • Changed DebugScreen to emit JSON instead of custom text format.
  • Removed overly generic Screen.__before__ and Screen.__after__.
  • Renamed Screen.set_charset to a more appropriate Screen.define_charset.
  • Added support for ECMA-035 DOCS command to ByteStream which no longer accepts encoding as an argument and instead sets it as instructed by DOCS. The default encoding is assumed to be UTF-8.
  • Added support for OSC sequences allowing to set terminal title and icon name.
  • Allowed 256 and 24bit colours in Screen.select_graphic_rendition.
  • Added support for aixterm colours in Screen.select_graphic_rendition, see issue #57 on GitHub.
  • Changed Screen.select_graphic_rendition to ignore 0 if it is given along with other attributes, ie "0;1;2" is now equivalent to "1;2".
  • Fixed rendering of multicolumn characters at ``Screen` boundaries. Thanks to @shaform! See PR #55 on GitHub.
  • Fixed Screen.display in the case of multicolumn characters. See issue #52 on GitHub.
  • Fixed DECSTBM handling in case of missing arguments. See issue #61 on GitHub.
  • Fixed the way Screen.cursor_up and Screen.cursor_down interact with the scrolling region. See #63 on GitHub.
  • Added a minimal web terminal example by @demiurg906. For a faster and more fully-featured version, see demiurg906/pyte_gui.
  • Fixed Screen.cursor_back when called after the draw in the last column.
  • Fixed Screen.inser_characters when called with an argument larger than the number of columns. Thanks to @istarion! See PR #74 on GitHub.
  • Fixed Screen.erase_in_display which did not handle all values supported by TERM=linux. See #80 on GitHub.

Version 0.5.2

Pi Day bugfix release, released on March 14th, 2016

  • Fixed a bug in handling DA request. See issue #46 on GitHub.

Version 0.5.1

Bugfix release, released on January 10th 2015

  • Fixed dependencies in

Version 0.5.0

Released on January 10th 2015

  • Deprecated Stream.consume in favour of Stream.feed. The latter allows for a more efficient implementation because it operates on the whole input string.
  • Improved Stream performance by converting FSM to a coroutine as suggested by Jonathan Slenders in issue #41 on GitHub.
  • Added support for DA (device attributes) and DSR (device status report). The implementation is based on the code by Jonathan Slenders. See issue #41 on GitHub.
  • Screen.draw now properly handles full/ambiguous-width characters. Thanks to the excellent wcwidth library by Jeff Quast.
  • Removed re-exports of abbreviated modules (e.g. mo as a synonym for modes) from pyte.
  • Removed Screen.size which misleadingly returned constructor arguments in reverse order. Please use Screen.columns and Screen.lines instead.
  • Fixed a bug in ByteStream which suppressed the exception if all of the decoders failed to process the input.

Version 0.4.10

Bugfix release, released on August 4th 2015

  • Fixed a bug in DiffScreen.draw which marked the wrong line as changed when DECAWM was enabled.
  • Stream now recognizes ESC % sequences for selecting control character set. However, these operations are no-op in the current version in a sense that ByteStream does not handle them to change encoding.

Version 0.4.9

Bugfix release, released on December 3rd 2014

  • Fixed a bug in Char initialization, see issue #24 on GitHub for details.
  • Updated error message in Stream, referencing str is relevant for Python 3, but not Python 2.

Version 0.4.8

Released on January 13th 2014

  • Screen does NOT inherit from builtin list, use Screen.buffer to access individual characters directly. This is a backward INCOMPATIBLE change.
  • Char._asdict was broken on Python 3.3 because of the changes in namedtuple implementation.
  • LAT1_MAP was an iterator because of the change in map semantics in Python 3.
  • Changed Screen to issues a CR in addition to LF when DECAWM mode is set and the cursor is at the right border of the screen. See and issue #20 on GitHub for details.

Version 0.4.7

Bugfix release, released on March 28th 2013

Version 0.4.6

Bugfix release, released on February 29th 2012

Version 0.4.5

Technical release, released on September 1st 2011

  • Added and CenOS spec file

Version 0.4.4

Bugfix release, released on July 17th 2011

  • Removed pdb calls, left from HistoryScreen debugging – silly, I know :)

Version 0.4.3

Bugfix release, released on July 12th 2011

  • Fixed encoding issues in DebugStream – Unicode was not converted to bytes properly.
  • Fixed G0-1 charset handling and added VAX42 charset for the ancient stuff to work correctly.

Version 0.4.2

Bugfix release, released on June 27th 2011

  • Added a tiny debugging helper: python -m pyte your escape codes
  • Added Screen.__{before,after}__() hooks to Screen – now subclasses can extend more than one command easily.
  • Fixed HistoryScreen – now not as buggy as it used to be: and allows for custom ratio aspect when browsing history, see HistoryScreen documentation for details.
  • Fixed DECTCEM private mode handling – when the mode is reset Screen.cursor.hidden is True otherwise it’s False.

Version 0.4.1

Bugfix release, released on June 21st 2011

  • Minor examples and documentation update before the first public release.

Version 0.4.0

Released on June 21st 2011

  • Improved cursor movement – Screen passes all but one tests in vttest.
  • Changed the way Stream interacts with Screen – event handlers are now implicitly looked up in screen’s __dict__, not connected manually.
  • Changed cursor API – cursor position and attributes are encapsulated in a separate Cursor class.
  • Added support for DECSCNM – toggle screen-wide reverse-video mode.
  • Added a couple of useful Screen subclasses: HistoryScreen which allows screen pagination and DiffScreen which tracks the changed lines.

Version 0.3.9

Released on May 31st 2011

  • Added initial support for G0-1 charsets (mappings taken from tty kernel driver) and SI, SO escape sequences.
  • Changed ByteStream to support fallback encodings – it now takes a list of (encoding, errors) pairs and traverses it left to right on feed().
  • Switched to unicode_literals – one step closer to Python3.

Version 0.3.8

Released on May 23rd 2011

  • Major rewrite of Screen internals – highlights: inherits from list; each character is represented by namedtuple which also holds SGR data.
  • Numerous bugfixes, especially in methods, dealing with manipulating character attributes.

Version 0.3.7

First release after the adoption – skipped a few version to reflect that. Released on May 16th 2011

  • Added support for ANSI color codes, as listed in man console_codes. Not implemented yet: setting alternate font, setting and resetting mappings, blinking text.
  • Added a couple of trivial usage examples in the examples/ dir.